Perfect Balance is a private studio with no crowds and no waiting for equipment at peak times. At Perfect Balance Personal Training Studio everbody has a personal trainer.

Our clients never have to feel self conscious or intimidated by large pieces of equipment and big old weights, or even people staring at them.

We have a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where you will become part of our family.

Perfect balance Blog

Beautiful people with great abs, legs and butts, showing you exercises that are suppose to make you look the same as they look. All of this adds to the myth of exercise. The true misconception are the ideas of firming, toning and spot reducing.

Lets try to clear up some of these myths. we'll start with mother nature. All of us were individually, genetically programmed to carry a certain amount of fat on certain areas of our bodies. Most women tend to carry their fat around the hips and legs and most men carry their fat around their mid section. We all have seen women with petite upper bodies and large lower bodies and men with large bellies and bird legs. In order to loose fat from any area on our body, we must be in what we call a caloric deficit. this simply means that we must take in less calories then we burn...