Just wanted to fill you in on a little success story... One of many to come i'm sure :)

At my heaviest (110KG's) i wore size 44 pants, I've fluctuated from 40-44 most of my adult life. On Friday I bought a pair of 38 work pants and they fit perfectly... I haven't worn size 38 since I'd guess standard 7 or 8!

So thanks very much for yours and Michales dedication and advice Morne, it's definitely making a difference and it's just the start :)

Nadine Hoon

I was with a personal trainer for a year and after not seeing any results  sort a new trainer and Morne was recommended in November 2004.

I arrived feeling desperate to change my body and was willing to follow any program that was given to me. Just over 3 years later I am still training and have not forsaken the discipline. The program works!

I am convinced as i have seen the results for myself, it has defiantly become my way of life!


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